Prideaux Angels

'The family-friendly story draws you in from the beginning...the show transports the audience back to Christmas in wartime Cornwall (1941 to be exact), complete with land girls, evacuees and the sound of fighter planes whirring threateningly overhead.'

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​​​​​​​​Prideaux Angels is a captivating, moving and magical performance for all ages to enjoy​. It was first commissioned by Dance Republic 2 and premiered at the Elizabethan manor house Prideaux Place, Padstow, Cornwall in December 2017. Prideaux Angels was initially created as an outdoor promenade performance, leading audiences through the beauty and grandeur of Prideaux Place's stable yard and gardens. Incorporating live and recorded music, dance, spoken word and puppets Prideaux Angels is soon to be made into a theatre show. 

​​...It is Christmas 1941 and the people of Prideaux Place prepare for a party. Blown in on icy winds, a robin heralds the arrival of a mysterious visitor. A visitor who touches the hearts of all those she meets, turning Prideaux into a magical, christmassy place. But everyone has to be on their best behaviour, as the Lord and Lady are due to arrive at any moment!

Photos Steve Tanner
Group photo Ruby Ingleheart
Illustration Simon Birch